Our values enlighten the way as we walk towards our mission of fostering rewarding work environments!

We are integrating to deliver


Our dedication to honesty, ethics, and transparency is unwavering. Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationships with customers, partners, and employees. Your trust is priceless, and we remain devoted to keeping our promises and upholding our moral principles


At Somhako, we believe in the beauty of simplicity. Our mission is to streamline the hiring process and foster meaningful connections between our clients and exceptional talent in a fast-paced world.


We believe empathy and kindness bridge algorithms and people. Guided by ethics, we empower individuals and global companies. Our aim is to unlock potential and revive ease and self-driven productivity in work


Somhako fosters a fast-paced work environment with a deep-learning HR assistant driving proactive actions. Our one-tool approach ensures swift task resolution. We are dedicated to maximizing time optimization and efficiency for our clients like never before.


Recruiters often grapple with overwhelming tasks. Somhako strives to reclaim their time with intelligent automation and an AI-powered HR assistant. Our goal is to lighten their load, allowing them to focus on connecting ideal candidates with clients while we handle the rest

Rapid, effective, and improved hiring with somhako - boost your recruitment success!