Your all new HR assistant

A day’s work done in seconds

Simplified resume screening with a single-text approach

Novus, driven by AI, provides quick and accurate responses with a single conversation prompt. It utilizes an intuitive data-driven method to pre-screen resumes in the talent pool, presenting the most relevant candidates ranked by their professional aptitude.


Source top talent and streamline the next steps with automation

Unlock Premium Talent, Streamline Scheduling, and Secure Competitive Offers with Somhako-Novus. Maximize Sourcing Excellence for Outstanding Results. Manage a Strong Candidate Pipeline and Drive Business Success. Novus automates follow-up emails, reminders, and updates for stress-free communication


Strategic recruitment insights: monitor conversions and optimize sourcing

Efficiently Monitor Source-Specific Candidate Conversions and Identify Trends to Optimize Your Recruitment and Sourcing Strategies. Access Essential Data and Analytics for Informed Decision-Making, Ensuring Continuous Enhancement and Long-term Success in Your Recruitment Processes

Rapid, effective, and improved hiring with somhako - boost your recruitment success!