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Somhako has studied the HR industry for over the last two decades. Here’s what we have learned: 

Sorting through a vast stack of applications consumes considerable time and resources, particularly when many of the applications fail to meet the job requirements. 

Therefore, finding the right talent amongst such a clutter of profiles becomes almost as frustrating and exhausting as finding a needle in the haystack, which can ultimately lead to dissatisfaction and inefficiencies in the hiring process.

Despite outlining the fundamental requirements for the job profile, recruiters frequently find themselves flooded with numerous applications from the software that don’t align with these requirements. 

The painstaking task of meticulously studying each applicant’s profile in comparison to the job description to ensure alignment demands extensive screening and analysis which prolongs the recruitment timeline and can sometimes lead to suboptimal hiring decisions due to the frustration and exhaustion inherent to this process.

Screening applicants and aligning their profiles with the job description is undeniably a time-consuming task. Additionally, managing interview schedules, handling applicant communications, and overseeing the operational facets of the hiring process further compound the overall tedium of recruitment operations.

The monotony of the process can cause feelings of exhaustion, ultimately con

To put it simply, finding the right talent proves to be a cumbersome and elaborate procedure for recruiters posing a challenge for them to find a suitable candidate from amongst a plethora of applications.


is a game changer

Somhako prioritizes talent fitment and simplicity. By employing its advanced AI technology to automate and streamline the process, it enables the recruiters to fast track the hiring process and find suitable talents for jobs in days, instead of the typical weeks.

Our talent intelligence program is designed to be your ultimate ally in the recruitment journey!

Somhako takes the unnecessary tasks off of your shoulders, leaving you to focus on the most important thing, hiring!

Smart, Simple, Somhako!

Somhako revamps the recruitment process by integrating an intuitive AI into the hiring process, harnessing the power of automation to significantly reduce the workload, while simplifying the process to yield maximum efficiency and precision throughout the process.

Meet Novus!

Your smart HR assistant!

A day’s work, done in seconds.

Novus is your personal talent management tool.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate automation into your workflow, it complements your recruitment process and responds to simple conversational prompts to structuralize your daily operations and help you develop an effortless workflow!

Novus is pioneering a new era in recruitment where you can use automation to clear task clutter, collect updates, set reminders, generate job descriptions, screen resumes, draft emails and do much more with just a simple prompt!

Novus is equipped with an agile deep-learning system that allows it to respond quickly and accurately to basic conversational cues.

Novus pre-screen resumes in the talent pool with its intuitive, data-driven AI program, delivering a list of only the most relevant candidates, ranked by their professional aptitude.

Tell Novus the details about the profile and let it generate a job description for you in a matter of second

Novus can be integrated directly with your calendars so you can simply schedule an interview by asking Novus to do it on your behalf.

Navigate through resumes and organize profiles and manage applicant data by giving one click commands to Novus.

Novus automatically sends a follow-up email for your candidates’ interviews, sends reminders, and keeps your updated.

ATS, HRIS, HRM in one!

Somhako is your one-stop solution for all recruitment software needs!
Our simple and intuitive user interface helps you focus on the most important thing, hiring!

How does it work?

Post a job

Tell the details about the opening to Novus and let it build a job description for you.

Screen & Match

Novus screens the vast database to find talents that accurately match your job description.

Ranked results

Novus ranks the pre-screened candidates based on their skills, experience and suitability for the profile.

One-click sifting

Select the candidates to move to the interview rounds with just one-click.

Quick communication

Novus helps to generate and send the selection emails while keeping the hiring manager in the loop.

Manage applicants

Organize talent profiles with simple conservational prompts.

Get updates

Novus will keep a tab on all the hiring processes for the talents in the background.

Make better choices

Somhako’s meaningful analytics and actionable insights guide you to constantly update your hiring strategies for the better.


Effortless Automation

Somhako’s AI simplifies the process of automation to take away the tedium of mundane organizational and managerial tasks.

Unparalleled efficiency

Somhako fosters a fast-paced work environment with a deep-learning HR assistant, driving proactive actions. Our one-tool approach ensures swift task resolution.

Unprecedented excellence

Recruiters often grapple with overwhelming tasks. Somhako reduces the workload of the recruiters and helps them reclaim their time.


Why Somhako?

We are dedicated to lead you into a world of HR excellence.

We aim to create trustworthy connections to elevate the standard of hiring practices throughout the world. We are transforming the world of HR management by creating an easy, streamlined procedure that fosters precision and guarantees efficiency in recruitment practices.

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We believe in making everything about hiring super simple so that you can unlock a supercharged recruitment experience!

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