Revolutionising the Future of Talent Management!

Master the challenge of efficiently sourcing, tracking, and hiring top talent aligned with your business needs, all on a single, centralized platform

All new ai hr assistant

Experience seamless and efficient HR operations with our dedicated, all-new HR assistant powered by GPT-4

Offer management

Effortlessly track and manage all your offers with our integrated Offer Management System

Ai generated job description

Craft comprehensive job descriptions effortlessly and in no time with the help of AI

Internal collaboration

Utilize our built-in chat feature for seamless and efficient communication


Take control of your time with our intelligent talent automation program

Somhako is powered by an agile, AI-platform that enables recruiters to find top talents, Our dashboards use a one-tool approach, empowering recruiters to hire more efficiently from anywhere in the world.


Significantly enhances recruiter efficiency, drastically reducing workload, and revolutionizing your hiring process from hours to mere seconds

Somhako’s realtime insights creates an environment that fosters unrivalled efficiency, allowing you to make strategic hiring choices.


Why Somhako?

We are dedicated to lead you into a world of HR excellence.

We aim to create trustworthy connections to elevate the standard of hiring practices throughout the world. We are transforming the world of HR management by creating an easy, streamlined procedure that fosters precision and guarantees efficiency in recruitment practices

Find the best talent with our cutting-edge intelligence technology

Somhako’s AI meticulously curates candidate profiles to enhance your talent pool with our talent insights

Streamline processes and unlock better strategies

Our intuitively designed AI software encourages you to optimise your time by only spending it on things that matter

Explore the potential of our AI integrated platform

Novus acts as your HR assistant to help you deliver the best results by providing a fast-paced environment designed for your ease

Go global with a single click

Somhako’s one-tool dashboard is integrated with multiple languages to ensure global accessibility and utility for all its users

The dream team is closer than ever! Let us help you find it!

Our AI has been designed to give you an edge in finding new talents. Let Somhako find the perfect fit for your requirements with our responsible talent intelligence platform

Ready to make recruitment easy?

Frequently Asked Questions

No ! novus is part of the enterprise version the cost includes in your subscription.

Whitelabling is possible. Please contact the sales.

Absolutely, Somhako is designed specifically for global use and global operation.

None, if you’re looking to use Somhako, just email /call us, we will set the account for you.

Of course, we will help you transfer all the existing data into Somhako with no additional cost.

Not at all, Somhako is affordable by any SMEs who want to use the tool, we have a pay as you go model.

Somhako’s realtime insights creates an environment that fosters unrivalled efficiency, allowing you to make strategic hiring choices.